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La​unches and Activations


Having worked in the music industry since 1992, we have ​accumulated over three decades of experience in the audio, ​event, and project management fields. Though we are based ​in Adelaide, we are happy to travel and are available ​throughout Australia. If you're looking for a reliable and ​experienced partner for your next event, look no further than ​our team. Contact us today to find out how we can help bring ​your vision to life.

Ma​rkets and Festivals

Pr​oject Management


Our experience includes working with individuals, as well as businesses of all sizes, such as:




ModaMetro provides DJs for all kinds of ​audiences, from house music for bars to adult ​contemporary at corporate events.


So​und & Lighting

We can supply equipment for any event, from ​decks for a pub gig we are playing to a PA ​system for a farmers market.


Pr​oject Management

Are you in search of an expert to plan, provide, ​and oversee the audio for your activation, ​corporate event or other activity? Look no ​further! Our team offers comprehensive ​solutions to meet all your entertainment project ​management needs.

"ModaMetro made my job so much easier!

We supplied the brief and the project was ​simply delivered, on time and on budget."

- You, 2024.

Bitcoin Beats

We are Bitcoin maxis and are happy to receive payment in hard ​money. We also like to support Bitcoin projects wherever we can. Are ​you planning a Bitcoin event to spread the virus that is Satoshi’s ​discovery? ;-) Get in touch and let’s figure out how we can work ​together.

Sound Money

Because we so regularly get asked what it is, how it works and what ​it does, we are building a Bitcoin course. The first class will take place ​in Adelaide, Australia, in 2024. If you would like to attend, click here​ to learn more.

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We recommend our friends at One Up Studio for graphic, user interface and web design work.